Oil Massage

Oil massageOil massage is a massage using oil, as the name suggests. It works to improve the flow of blood and lymph.

When doing an oil massage, start from a place far from the heart.
The place close to the heart, the flow of blood and lymph is smooth. To the part far from the heart, the action of the pump of the heart does not work much. As a result, the flow tends to be stagnant. Income tax services

The effect obtained by oil massage also changes depending on the type of oil used.



Massage GuideThe oil used for oil massage also has odorless oil, but there is also aromatic oil with scent. You can also get a relaxing effect by scent. The effect obtained by the type of scent is different.

Jojoba oil
vitamin A, Includes E rich. It has a high moisturizing effect and can be used regardless of skin quality.

citrus has a refreshing effect. It has the effect of increasing concentration, suppressing appetite. It promotes lymph flow, the diuretic action is also strong, so it is best for swelling.

there is sensitive to going on the effect of calming the nerves. It is effective when you are uneasy or when the hormonal balance is disturbed.

Rose Marie
organs of the whole body there is work to be activated. It improves cold by warming the body. It is effective for muscle pain, lower back pain, abdominal pain and others.


It may not be possible to receive oil massage. Tax preparation services

There are a poor physical condition, trauma, people with contagious skin diseases, drunkenness, bone abnormality, joint pain.

Also, try to avoid treatment after meals. When food is contained in the stomach, pain becomes easy to feel when performing the operation.