Lymph fluid is flowing in our body just like blood. Where the lymph fluid is flowing is called the lymph vessel. Lymphatic vessels are stretched along the veins of the whole body.

Lymphatic vessels take in the waste matter in the blood and cells. The ingested waste is carried into the lymph node. Purifies waste matter in the lymph node and encourages excretion outside the body.
Lymph nodes are present all over the body. Behind the ears, clavicle, neck, armpit, foot root and so on. Houston accounting firms
If lymph flow is stagnant, waste matter will remain in the body without being purified. It may cause swelling, stiffness, tired skin roughness, etc.


Lymphatic massage was done as one of the treatments in European medical institutions.
Lymph flows throughout the body like blood. When the flow of lymph is normal, immune function and excretion function work. Lymph plays an important role in parts such as beauty and health. However, lymph is not an organ that encourages flow. Therefore, flow tends to be stagnant due to eating habits and lifestyle habits.

When the flow of lymph is worse, disorders appear everywhere in the body.
By doing a lymphatic massage, stimulation is externally applied to activate the flow.

Lymphatic massage can be administered not only in medical institutions but also in an esthetic salon.

Lymphatic massage can be done with a medical institution, esthetic salon, and it is also possible to do it by oneself.
I will introduce a method to obtain a high effect.

to drink the cold water of a full glass before making a lymphatic massage, because the concentration of lymph will be thinner by drink the water flow will be smooth. Income tax preparation Houston

- Bathing
that warm the body immersed in a bathtub, the flow of lymph fluid will be smooth. Also, as the muscle is loose, it makes massage easier.

be to relax, it is the effect loose tension in both mind and body is likely to appear.