Massage Guide

Massage is one of the treatment methods using palms and fingers. Use the palm or fingers to scrub, rub and tap the surface of the skin.

The effects obtained by massage include relaxing muscle tension, relaxing, and restoring the function of the body. Symptoms are resolved by performing treatment according to the body trouble.


The word massage was made by combining the words of various countries, the basis of the movement of massage. Massy (rubbing) in Greek, mass in Arabic (rubbing in) and Asian in French (operating).

It is said that St. Socrates talked about massage in the fourth to fifth century BC. However, the message did not spread immediately afterward, and it came as a result that it was announced about the utility of massage in France in the latter half of the 16th century, and spread to the world. It's better to talk to someone who speaks your language while getting a massage. Also Relaxing and going to sleep is another method of relaxation which professionals recommend.

It was the beginning of the Meiji 20's that message became popular in Japan. We compiled ancient Japanese massage and massage and made Japan unique technique.
The message was taken in as part of medical treatment, but general attention also increased, demand increased. It is used not only for the purpose of treatment but also as having effects such as health promotion, health maintenance, mental tension relief and so on.


Massage is performed not only in Japan, but also unique treatment in the world.


Massage that Thai traditional massage, stretching, acupressure, are conducted by a combination of such manipulative. Treatment is performed centering on the line through which whole body energy passes, and it is in order. It activates the flow of blood, lymph fluid.


is one that is transmitted from the royal family of the era. Hawaiian Massage is also called Lomi Lomi. The biggest characteristic of Lomi Lomi is that it is a treatment to rhythmic ru. Using oil, there are effects such as improvement of nervous system transmission, improvement of blood flow, recovery of muscle fatigue.

And Korea

Is high waste us to discharge the effect stored in the body. In sclerosis, it has the effect of removing old keratin and the effect of removing dirt by rubbing salt into the body. Treatment using a pack called Kapiti Pak encourages the release of toxins and wastes in the body. Of course, if need help with Understanding the content get the translation help you need.

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